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Pink Batts Silencer
Pink Batts Silencer® delivers excellent acoustic performance for commercial and domestic applications. They are ideal for insulation in metal and timber stud wall systems, and as infill between floors and ceilings.
Pink Batts Silencer come in a range of sizes to suit various applications. The ceiling and upper floor joist or wall stud spacings will determine which batt you will need.



Pink SonoBatts® are a premium and ultimate cavity infill for room-to-room noise control. Pink SonoBatts® are installed in ceilings, between floors and internal stud walls. Part of the Pink Batts® insulation system of quality products, Pink SonoBatts® minimise airborne sound transmission using standard constructionmethods and timber sizes and provide performance that is equivalent to rockwool products across the frequency range.Pink SonoBatts, the ultimate cavity infill insulation for room to room noise control.

  • Improves comfort by reducing noise transfer between rooms.
  • Can also be used in multiple storey buildings to reduce noise transfer between floors.
  • High density products with an acoustic performance equivalent to rockwool at all frequency ranges.
  • Pink SonoBatts can be used in many wall or ceiling systems to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Designed to fit standard 450mm and 600mm wall stud and floor joist spacing's.
  • Easy to install in new ceilings, between floors and internal stud walls during construction or existing ceilings.
  • 90mm Pink SonoBatts provide ultimate noise reduction plus R2.7 thermal insulation in one product.
  • Guaranteed to perform for the life of your home.
  • Will not rot, decay or sustain vermin.
  • Low allergen due to low VOC content, safe for asthma or allergy sufferers.
  • Manufactured from up to 70% recycled materials.


SoundScreen Rockwool
A sound decision you'll be comfortable with.
Noise has the affect of raising stress levels, disrupting sleep and generally reducing your quality of life.

Houses today are typified by more open living areas, less soft furnishings and lighter building materials. Also, our modern lifestyle means that traffic noise, flightpaths and even more powerful entertainment systems have an impact on noise levels within your home.

SoundScreen Rockwool Batts can reduce the sound power of noise by as much as 70% which means that noisy neighbours, loud traffic, and even the non-stop music from the teenager's room will not be a problem any more.


Noise Stop Board
Noise Stop Board® is ideal for the control of room to room sound transmission. It provides a barrier against unwanted sound and is a high density glasswool panel that significantly reduces sound transmission when used in timber or steel stud walls.

Noise Stop Board® is typically fixed to parition studs under the plasterboard and thus acts as an isolating medium. Noise Stop Board® can also be used in concrete floor systems and frames ceilings to create a barrier to sound transmission between floors


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